Search Engine Optimization

Become a magnet, and attract potential clients to do business with you.

Post your ranking & Income

Search Engine Optimization stands for set of studies & activities that helps your web page to rank higher in search engines & your overall income, by organically increasing the visitor traffic in terms of number and quality while following all necessary regulations for optimizing your website on search engines.

Whatever marketing goals you have for your business, Total Technology can assist you to increase your profitability by developing an SEO campaign strategy that matches your exact business needs. 

At Total Technology, we implement ethical activities through conducting keyword analysis and following Google corporate guidelines.

 You will also rank high in Google natural results. You reach more potential customers and get more requests. The content of your site is also very important. 

Our SEO Strategy

Website Evaluation

This is a front-end page builder where what you see is what you get. We designed it so you can be in control.

On-page & Off-page

No more buffering – create, style and enjoy. Our user interface was built on React – the most efficient library.


Let’s not get technical! Create up-to-date designs without writing a single line of code. Build clean websites.

Best SEO tricks to high rocket your digital marketing

Increase traffic

By following proper SEO rules and regulations, you will be getting most impressions that would attract more visitors to your websites and thus, more income too.

Return on Investment

SEO is very important in tracking your upcoming digital marketing results. Knowing the ROI of your SEO efforts is very potential to get showcase the success that your strategy is working and be able to attract financial investment.


SEO has proved itself way more economical than that of traditional methods of marketing. The reason behind this is you can easily target the audience who are looking for that certain product.

Enhances Brand Awareness

By successfully bringing your website to the top of the search engine, it will increase number of impressions or views. The more your site is visible to the viewers, the higher brand awareness it gets. Once you are on the top pages of the search engine, you can join your brand with some more keywords to increases the reliability on the brand as well as the business.

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