We can help you get REAL customers for your business through our proven digital marketing strategies. Total Technology focuses on utilizing SEO to increase your online presence by getting more traffic for your website.

What is SEO?

(SEO) Search engine optimization refers to all actions used to drive qualified traffic to your business from online search. By Knowing what your consumers are looking for, you will be able to guide them to reach out to your business.

When applying these Search engine optimization activities you help to promote your business within search engines, without having to pay for advertising. This is done through enhancing the ranking of your website with high-volume keywords that are related to your target market.

SEO activities are used to drive qualified traffic to your website so that you can grow your potential customers into actual buyers.

Search engines earn their revenue from paid advertising. So, they tend to offer most related results for people’s searches so that people will continue to use their search engines. Eventually, better results lead to more traffic. If a search engine does not provide relevant results, users will to leave it and go for other search engines, traffic goes down, and fewer companies will advertise on their search engine. So, if companies do not use SEO, search engines will not manage to place their sites accurately, and they may not show up where they should.

Proper SEO will let search engines know what your site is about and what it is its main purpose the services that it provides to customers. This would help search engines to place your site in the results for relevant searches and not in the results for irrelevant searches. There are a lot of things we can do to inform search engines about your website. All of these activities are classified as SEO strategies.